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We look beneath the numbers to find out what motivates people’s behaviour in both B2B and B2C environments. We then use that knowledge to create strategic advice.


After working with Relate, our clients are able to:


About Us


RELATE STRATEGIC is a research and strategy consultancy. Our clients want to better understand their marketplace and users in order to develop strategic action plans based on clever research-based insights.
We start each project with a clear understanding of the specific issues to be clarified, and bring in industry experts as required.

Using a variety of focused research tools, RELATE STRATEGIC helps organisations act with clarity and certainty towards achieving their stated goals and meeting client needs.


Juliet Hawkeswood

Business Manager

t. +64 21 444 731
e. juliet@relatestrategic.co.nz

BA (French and Spanish); Diploma (Business & Marketing)

Juliet Hawkeswood has over 25 years’ experience working in a wide range of business roles including B2B market research, market validation, business development, situation analysis and frontline sales.

Extending her commercial experience, Juliet’ has also carried out programme evaluations for not-for-profits.

Contact Us

Juliet Hawkeswood

Business Manager

t. +64 21 444 731
e. juliet@relatestrategic.co.nz

Jo-Anne Hazel

Research & Strategy Manager

t. +64 21 062 4662 

Postal Address

PO Box 47956
Auckland 1011 


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