1. Full Service Research and Strategy

Customised research projects contribute directly to C-suite decision-making. This type of in-depth research is particularly valuable as part of annual strategic planning, or when the way forward is unclear.  Evidence-based market intelligence tests assumptions, reduces guesstimates, and provides guidance on how to achieve good ROI as the business works for growth.

In these situations we collaborate with our clients to determine what the strategic objectives are, what research tools we will use, and most importantly, what success will look like. Projects of this nature utilise a range of research practices including secondary research, environmental scans, staff workshops, surveys, internal document review, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and consultation with industry experts.

Findings and documentation are presented and work-shopped with clients to ensure the full value of work carried out is realised.

Projects priced from $15,000 (+GST).

2. Agile Market Insights

These are no-frills and involve an element of self-service to lower the cost while providing valuable and speedy business insights to help you act faster.  Agile Market Insights can be applied on a one-off basis, stacked together, or used to provide ongoing operations-focused market intelligence to support robust sales and marketing activities.

  1. Customer Speak Snapshot – ensure you’re meeting changing customer expectations with short, focused interviews
  2. Market Validation – assess likely ROI of new markets
  3. Competitor Analysis – gain detailed understanding of who you’re competing against and where the gaps lie within your target market
  4. Target Prospect Profiling – focus your sales activities by knowing key details about your targets
  5. EBQaaS – receive regular business updates in a rapidly changing business environment to stay smarter than the competition – fighting infobesity!

Projects priced under $5,000 (+GST).

Relate has specific expertise in the following industries:
  • Technology
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Professional Services
  • Building and Construction
  • Transport
  • Food Manufacturing